Stitching and Carpal Tunnel

You may have noticed a lack of updates recently. Long story short, my arms are killing me, and lifting a toddler doesn’t help.

I have been switching types of stitching a lot too, from needlework to tatting to upholstery, so I have been trying to keep busy, but it’s been quite difficult to finish anything, which is annoying.

I am still pinning away on Pinterest and keeping up with a whole bunch of blogs, so hopefully when I feel better, I will still have the inspiration to stitch.

Love, Kim

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4/20 – Sketchy Raccoon


I think my goal of finishing 20 in August will need to be revised. I still want to do 20, but it may take longer because of reasons.


Pictured: one of the reasons. She is actually very rarely like this, I promise.

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3/20 Tartan Bunny Girl


These might be cheating, but I have been looking for an excuse to do anything with this amazing fabric. Isn’t it super playful? I love it.

I am free handing the clothing, just for the fun of it, and I don’t have much of a plan beyond playing with them. The skirt is split stitch, and the top is simple back stitch.

Doing a dashing fox next!

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2/20 Blue Girl Dishin’

She looks to me like she just got told what some other girl just said about her, and she had to freeze and say something snappy. Vintage pattern from the Hoop Love group.

Simple redwork outline, in two shades of blue – although I am not sure it was worth getting another colour out to do her face and dress details. Oh well.


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1/20 – Foxes!


Is the plural of fox foxes? Not sure. Either way, these guys are adorable. This is a (temporarily) free pattern from Urbanrhreads. Grab it while you can!
This is a mix of outline in back stitch and furry stitching on the whiskers and tails. I may add another colour into the fur later.

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