Tree Stump For Pierre

My boss Pierre recently announced that he was having twins, which is super fabulous. The two little little girls were born on June 10th, 2011, which meant I had to hurry up and finish the project I was working on! I first saw cozyblue’s family tree trunk pattern on Feeling Stitchy and thought it was gorgeous. A few weeks later, when my boss and his wife finally decided on two names for their girls, I went onto the cozyblue’s etsy store and bought the pattern in a heartbeat. The pdf was in my mailbox the next morning, which is fabulous.

It stitched up beautifully. I really liked what she had done with her sample, so I really didn’t change very much. I used a satin stitch on the main tree trunk, backstitch for the outer trunk and the rings, and split stitch for most of the rest. I used four strands on the inside initials and the leaves, making them look super rich and full.

A hint about split stitch: if you are using a split stitch with stranded floss, try to use an even number of strands. Even if you do not do an even split every time, the results will be much nicer than if you are using three strands. With three strands, the stitching looks lumpy; you always have more strands on one side of the split and you can never make it look as good as you want it. I have done split stitch with the full six strands before, and although you need to be more careful to catch fraying and to make your tension even, the results are really spectacular.

I am really excited for him and can’t wait to give it to him once he comes back to work. Congratulations!


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