Inspiration: Kincavel Krosses and George RR Martin

Kincavel Krosses has been around producing excellent and funny cross stitch and blackwork patterns since early 2010.  Her stuff ranges from cute Christmas stuff to adorable if a bit rude sayings.  The truly excellent part, on top of her concistent quality output, is that most of her designs have a very simple and open Creative Commons license.  Her designs can be shared and altered as long as she retains the copyright, and although you cannot sell what you make for them, they can be used in a charity setting, which is exactly what I used them for.

The latest book of the Song of Fire and Ice series (saga?) by George RR Martin, A Dance With Dragons, was released last week.  Although I have not read the books, the bookstore I work for had many fans among the staff and we were the only store of our brand in Canada ot hold a midnight release party for the book.  We had medieval fighting demonstrations, trivia competitions, a great big throne and a costume contest.  We also had a raffle for various things, including a copy of the book, a chain mail necklace and two bits of cross stitching and blackwork that I contributed.

Using the wikipedia page to get a bit of info on the books, I decided to make cross stitched versions of the sayings of two of the main families in the story:  “Winter is Coming” and “Hear me Roar!”.

For “Winter is Coming”, I edited a Winter Quaker Bookmark pattern and used a blackwork pattern I bought from hardcorestitchcorps on etsy.  I used both white and blue threads on the snowflake, and black and blue on the words.

I used this Circular Scroll Alphabet Sampler pattern for the outline of “Hear me Roar!!” and this free blackwork font from StitchPoint’s Cross Stitch Writing Tool.

Although too much cross stitching tends to bore me and give me headaches, these were fun, relatively quick projects that I was pleased to do.  The event was a huge success and everyone enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the ammount of effort that was put into it.


One thought on “Inspiration: Kincavel Krosses and George RR Martin

  1. Wow! I LOVE what you did with my designs!

    I’m a HUGE book fan and I loved the Game Of Thrones show (trying to get hold of the books from my library at the moment but it’s difficult as they’re proving so popular with everyone right now – LOL!).

    And thank you for the huge compliment. 🙂


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