Update: Chain Stitch

I’ve been practicing chain stitch this week, in anticipation of getting it to look fabulous when I go to do my Venus Fly Trap leaves.  Chain stitch has always been tough for me.  I tend to make them too long and stretched, so that instead of a small bubble or thread, I end up with something less than awesome.  I’ve watched Mary Corbet’s Chain Stitch Video Tutorial many times before, and although I had the basic technique down, it really took experimenting and time to get it right.

I tend to be stressed.  I tend to do tight, hardcore stitches, which totally doesn’t work with chain stitch.  You need to be relaxed, to let the stitches sit a little less than taut so it bubbles around the thread you’ve drawn up through the fabric, instead of stretching around it.

Since I was planning on doing a backstitch in it, it needed to be bubbly, darnit!  😉

I think  I have it down.  What I have figured out is that I always took up too much of the fabric when I was coming up.  All I really need is to step as far forward as I want the stitch to be wide. That way I end up with a round stitch instead of an elongated one. The first stitch I make always seems to end up longer than the later ones.  Know what I need?  More practice!


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