Stitching Box Cleanup

I moved last week, which meant I really wanted to clean up my stitching stuff before lugging it to the new place.  I keep most of my bits of fabric, extra hoops and ribbons and threads in a giant plastic tub with a locking lid.  Why?  Because of this little guy and his brother:Tibbles is a ferret we are currently forever fostering from the Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa.  He has a deformity in his mouth which although could be serious, is under control with regular teeth brushing.   After six months with us, his horrible rotten tooth fell out, his gums are lovely and pink and all the tartar has fallen off.  We have straight up adopted his brother, Whodini.  Both are fabulous fuzzy weasels with not fear and a never ending sense of exploration.  A tatting bag with a six inch needle in it?  Let’s see if we can get in!  A faux leather case with scissors in it?  Chew that thing up!  A 300 meter ball of crochet thread?  Quick, unwind most of it around yoursel!

Keeping the ferrets safe has been a learning curve for sure.  One thing they are super interested in is any containers, boxes and hiding spots.  I have a soft sided container for smaller bits that, once out, becomes a ferret magnet.

Anyway, back to cleaning: this is the before picture of the crazy box.

It has tons of different coloured twills (my favourite fabric to stitch on), pretty bits I got for five dollars a bag at a local fashion fabric store (including some fabulous Ralph Lauren gingham!), loose skeins of thread, unwound bits of ribbons and a miscelany of needles.  It took me nearly an hour to fold all my fabric nicely, throw out any bits that were too small to use, and unwind any bits of thread that were too wee to keep.  I wound up my ribbons, put all my needles in a felt book inside a small tin (can’t be too safe), and sorted piles of all the skeins I still need to roll onto little plastic cards.  I am dying to try this method, using a drill!

When the whole thing was clean, I put it on the floor to get a better view and went to the table to get my camera, came back, and this is what I found:Sigh.  That’s Whodini.  He is ours for keeps, and deaf as a post.  So even if yelling at him to get out of my sewing might work, there’s no point.  So after pulling him out, I took the official picture. Tada, nice and clean, now to snap the lid back on and keep my boys safe.  Have you ever had mishaps with pets and/or children?  I mean, my grandmother once sat on her knitting and had to be taken to hospital to get them removed, but that was the sixties.  😉


One thought on “Stitching Box Cleanup

  1. LOL! What adorable boys you have. I am always worried about our dog Billie, jumping up on my stuff while I’m sewing and getting a needle in the paw. Just today I ordered a new pincushion because I have to be more careful with the pointy things. Good job tidying up btw, you should relax now. 🙂


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