Pitcher Plant – Working it Out

I have dreamed of making an embroidered pitcher plant for a while now.  I love the idea that these plants, like all carnivorous plants, evolved to make up for the poor soil they grew in, finding a completely new way to get the nutrients they needed.  It’s super fabulous.

I decided I wanted to draw my own design this time again, too.  I’ve been reading all about carnivorous plants.  It turns out there are tons of different types: hanging pitcher plants, flower shaped ones, squat ones that sit at the base of trees.  I am completely in love.

I also wanted to try something new with it.  I want to do sequins!  Let’s preface this by saying I have never worked with sequins in my life, so this should  be interesting.  Of course, I went and ordered ten dollars worth of sequins online, which may be way more sequins than I am ready for, but whatever.

In  my mind, I can see the pitcher blinged up like a circus tent, with tight rows of sequins going up and down it.  First I will have to practice different techniques to stitch them, I also want to see how well they take a curve.  This video looks a lot like what I want, I think, then again, it may not be what I need.  I’ll be sure to show you updates as I practice losing sequins in the couch… I mean stitching.  Wish me luck!


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