Colouring Book Inspired Dress

This beautiful ombre dress pattern came out from Urbanthreads a few weeks ago. It is super delicate and adorable, and I wasn’t going to let the fact that I do not have an embroidery machine stop me from stitching it up. The hand embroidered version of the pattern is a bit chunkier than the machine version. I printed it out and started playing with coloured pencils, filling it a little bit at a time. After a few minutes, I stopped and looked at what I had done and really really liked it. It still looked airy and dainty with only a few splashes of colour.

I sent a picture to my friend Rebecca, whose response was: “Are you going to do it with beads or just stitching? Are beads going to look tacky?” Heck no! I went out to the bead shop and picked out two pretty pink seed bead bottles in different textures (one matte, one shiny) that very day.

I ended up switching out a few of the fill in spots with beads. Since I really wanted to keep the look of the pencil coloured image, I did all of the black outline first, and then only filled in with one row of split stitch even when it didn’t fill the entire space between the outlines. Some of the petal shapes were filled with a rough satin stitch. I really love the effect and the mix of textures that the beads and different stitches lend to the piece.

Once my oval wooden hoops from come in, I’ll definitely hoop this one up and put it up on the wall. It’s just too pretty and dainty.


2 thoughts on “Colouring Book Inspired Dress

  1. I now realize that saying “would this look tacky” is not something that would ever hold you back. Also, I think I spy some sequins! Adorable!


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