Cross Stitch Pendant from the workroom

IMPORTANT NOTE: The workroom is currently sold out of the wooden pendants, but their website says they’ll be restocked on June 20th!

As soon as I saw the wooden pendants from the workroom on the needlework section of Craftgossip, I knew I had to have one.  I was even more pleased when I found out they were from a Canadian shop from Toronto, since that means I can go down in person next time I am down there!  Anyway, the pendant arrived shortly after I ordered it, along with an adorable little pair of scissors I also fell in love with.  Part of me wants to wear the scissors as a pendant too; it’s just that pretty.

The pendant is light but sturdy and I couldn’t wait to stitch something on it… and then hit a wall.  What did I want to do?  Something girly and floral?  Something geometric and bold?  I didn’t want to waste this beautiful piece on a design I wouldn’t want to wear over and over.  I also don’t know how well the piece would hold up to restitching, so I wanted to get it right the first time.

It took me a few months and and three four cross stitch design books at the library to find what I was looking for.  Searching “small cross stitch designs” in google is less helpful than one might think.

I finally hit the jackpot in the Better Homes and Garden book, 2001 Cross Stitch Designs (isbn: 9780696207808).  A lot of the designs are really super corny and girly, but most of them are quite small and a lot of them are very nice too.  The floral section is seperated by colour, which is nice, and it also includes flowers for each month and all of the US State flowers.  I found the flower I stitched in the borders section of the book; it was a little less realistic than some of the flowers in the floral section, and it also looked like it could work without adding the backstitch that was so popular in a lot of the other flowers. I wasn’t sure how the pendant would take backstitch and didn’t want to risk it.

The design is a bit off center, but I am still happy with it (it really doesn’t show when I am wearing it).


3 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Pendant from the workroom

  1. Your pendant looks great! This post caught my eye as I was searching for “small cross stitch flowers” hehe…I’m also a Toronto-based cross-stitch designer if you’re interested in anything in the future let me know! (and it’s not girly or corny either) 🙂


  2. Does anyone know what happened to The Workroom? Apparently The Workroom no longer exists because their domain name is available. I want some of these wooden cross stitch pendants but I don’t see anyone else selling them except in Etsy shops where they’re a little too pricey for my needs.
    Thank you for any help you can provide.


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