Pattern Evolution – What A Difference A Year or Two Makes

I recently added a pattern to my shop: Butterfly Dreams.  This pattern, this ant, has been in my mind for a long time, at least a year or two.  She’s just a worker ant, she doesn’t have wings, but she can imagine that she has, resplendent wings that take her up and up, not necessarily away.

I started playing with this idea a while back, when my embroidery and pattern making skills were a bit less awesome than they are now.  I grabbed an ant from a random colouring book page online, printed out a wing of the wrong size, traced it out onto the ant at a weird angle and got stitching.  The resulting “pattern” was uneven and kind of awkward.  I didn’t go in with a plan, just a loose idea that I wanted to fill the whole wing and that I wanted to try using shisha stitch, which I had just learned and practiced with silver coinage (didn’t have any mirrors at the time).

The result is… messy and icky.  The dense stitching isn’t consistent and the overall look wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  So the ant went into my box of (mostly) completed stitching that I am not 100% happy with.  I call it my box of shame, cause everyone who sees it says “you should do something with all of that!”.  Sigh.

The new version is better.  It’s more consistently planned and simpler, but the finished product is smoother and prettier.  I used five or six shades of each colour, in either 2 strand or 4 strand split stitch.  I then filled in everything with black seed beads.   Because I planned the pattern in Inkscape beforehand, the wing is more proportional to the ant and relatively logically placed.  The ant comes from a vintage plate and the wing is an estimation of a few different butterfly wings I found online.

The colours are almost shimmery and bright and summery, and I love it. The pattern, which also includes a smaller moth wing, is available on my pdf pattern shop.  Let me know if you stitch it up!



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