A Stitched Dollhouse for Zoe

I had been looking at juneatnoon’s 1109 Poplar house pattern since before I got pregnant. I waited till I knew I was having a girl before buying the pattern. It’s a busy redwork pattern that is so large it needs to be printed on legal paper. There are tons of adorable details, like the little doll in the attic, or the wallpaper in the stairwell that make the piece super interesting to look at.

Tracing it out was difficult because of the sheer size and level of detail it entailed. I ended up needing to tape the fabric, the transfer paper and the pattern to the table/each other to keep everything steady for the time it took me to trace it. I also, after a few minutes, pulled out a long ruler to help me with all the straight lines. I didn’t use it or one of the sides of the house, and the pattern definitely suffered for it. As I was stitching the right side rooms, lamps and desks tended to stick out of the building. I fixed it by the end, but the long edges aren’t perfectly straight.

Overall, the pattern was a joy to stitch up, each floor and each room splitting up a large project into bite sized pieces that were manageable. The house took me a little over a week to finish, on and off.

I edited the pattern a slight bit, putting Zoe’s name on the box in the attic. I want her to know, later on, that it was stitched just for her while we were waiting for her to make her big debut.

I am going to get it professionally framed, but I have a really good idea of what I want them to do with the frame/matting, so there should be an update on this piece in the near future.


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