Antiques Market Finds

My husband’s family was in town from England to see the new baby, and on a day trip down to Kingston, we visited an antique market (which takes place every Sunday!). There was tons of gorgeous stuff, and I had to hold back with both hands to not spend way too much money.

This market is where my mother picked up one of the prettiest things I own: an old drawer used to hold letters in an old printing press. It’s uneven and a bit dirty and I love it.

This time, I found these two pennants of sorts, a little boy and a little girl. I have no idea how old they are. Most of the stitching is in good shape, so I figure not very old, but they are so sweet, I was totally willing to pay the $10 price tag. But when I mentioned to the lady that I stitched, she brought the price down to $5!

The little spots on her dress are so perfect, I thought it was almost machine work for half a second.  Mine are never so cute!  The edging on both pieces is still super nice.  They really need just a quick ironing.

I want to put them onto little dowels in Zoe’s room when she is big enough to have her own, probably one on top of the other or side to side.  I am thinking that I could do it with two small loops of string on either top corner.  It wouldn’t really wreck the pieces and the threads could be taken out without wrecking the piece.

I love her little mouth!