Silkscreen Printing With Embroidered Accents

My husband and I recently did a silksccreen printing workshop with the nice people of Spins & Needles, which was super informative and fun.  If you are in the Ottawa region, I definitely recommend it.  The results were stunning, the instructions were simple and Melanie, our teacher, was full of energy and knowledge.Not knowing what to expect, we picked two urban threads designs that I had already purchased.  My husband really liked the typewriter keyboard (he spends most of his days at a keyboard) and I thought that book love would look great on a book tote to take to the library. The nice thing about using urban threads designs is that we have the right to sell what we make with them if we choose to.  In this tricky world of copyright and vintage patterns, it’s nice to have certainty.

We had tons of fun that day, and our daughter Zoe behaved (for most of the five hour class) and was adorable.  There was a bit of baby juggling, but we didn’t get paint on her, so I consider that a win.

My husband printed on a tshirt and on a notebook, and I printed on three different sizes of tote bags; one for me, one for my sister’s goddaughter, and one very little one for Zoe.  From the get go I wanted to see what I could do to combine embroidery and silkscreening.  I ended up doing a quick and dirty long and short fill stitch in the hearts on the bags, and it looks amazing!

When I asked my sister what her goddaughter’s favourite colour was, she answered “Outside”.  Not super helpful, so I went with a greeny-blue.  Mine is dark red.  I’m not sure what colour to make Zoe’s yet.

These will make great Christmas presents.  I’m super tempted to go buy other bags and make tons more of these to give to all my book loving friends.  After investing the time to make the screen, the actual printing takes very little time, and the stitching is messy and quick but looks super nice anyway.  The next step is to try to fill the heart with rainbow colours, or maybe french knots.

Give screen printing a shot!  It’s fun and messy, totally worth learning.


One thought on “Silkscreen Printing With Embroidered Accents

  1. I love the Book Love pattern! I don’t know how to screenprint (although I have been interested in learning), so I might have to stitch it on a book bag.

    I checked out your embroidery board on Pinterest, and I love a lot of what you love! I’m following it now. 🙂


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