WTF? Three Letter Monogram!

Mary Corbet of Needle ‘N Thread has been posting tons of pretty monograms on her Pinterest lately.  They are all beautiful and classical.  She then posted this frame on her website; it’s so pretty! I wanted in on this monogram stuff.

So what to do?  My initials?  Nah, I have the same initials as Kraft Dinner.  Not so hot.  My husband and I?  No.  It’s either Kraft Dinner or Donkey Kong.  Sigh.

Then I had a flash: a vague memory of an awesome monogram font I had seen, somewhere online.  It took a while, but I found it! I really love how this font looks.  It’s from 1923 but it still feels snappy and fresh.

Traditionally, you use the first and middle names on either side, and the last name/word last.  So the name Mary Beth Smith would be mSb, for example.  While that is adorable for names, it doesn’t really read for acronyms, so I decided to throw that convention out the window when drawing up my monogrammed acronym.

My satin stitch…  Needs work, I know.  Maybe something slightly less rude next time.  AFK? BRB? LOL? OMG?  So many choices!


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