R2D2 Bargello – Designing The Pattern


Beep! Boop! Boop!

I stitched up R2D2 over the holidays. Isn’t he adorable? I was looking at the curves of bargello, and I saw his little head poking up!

I designed him in Paint as pixel art, which was a bit tricky, since in needlepoint goes over lines, not in squares. Does that make sense?


Although your pattern reads like a cross stitch pattern (on the left hand side), your stitches actually cover the number of threads instead of the number of holes.  It gets extra confusing when two colours share the same hole, which isn’t super obvious in the version on the left.

What this meant, practically, is that although I drew up a pattern… I free handed a lot of it. Calculating over lines can be quite tricky and once you screw up, improvising is pretty much the only way to make it look good. I also learned the hard way that I should really leave two threads between elements. See how much better the left seam looks than the right? It doesn’t really show unless you are looking in a million times zoom, but it still bugs me. Yep. Lesson learned.


Anyway, needlepoint is tons of fun. I did some on Aida with DMC floss, and R2D2 is done on 15ct canvas with Anchor Tapestry thread. I’ll write more about needlepoint and bargello soon!

By the by, this R2D2 needlepoint is available in my shop, ready to be made into a pillow or to be framed!


3 thoughts on “R2D2 Bargello – Designing The Pattern

    1. Bargello is actually super easy and fun. I definitely recommend practicing with embroidery floss first, to see how you like it. Once you have your first horizontal line in there, though, you just follow along. Super easy to do while enjoying a B-movie. 😉


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