A Decision About Notions


What is better than shiny new buttons, mirrors and sequins? Using them!

I was reading hugsarefun.com recently when something Rebecca said struck a cord:

I also have another project that I can’t decide what to do with. I got this teeny tiny embroidery hoop from Dandelyne on Etsy with the intention of making myself a necklace. Now that I have it, I just can’t commit to anything! It’s such a cute little hoop, I want to make sure it goes to good use… Does anyone else have this problem? Do you have supplies or projects on hold because you just can’t make up your mind?

Yep!! In an attempt to shame myself into doing something with them, here is most of my stash of lovely lovely bits that I bought because I couldn’t resist, and then proceeded to do nothing with:

Beautiful Shisha mirrors068

More laser cut cross stitch pendants (like this one!)064

This adorable purse clutch066

These round frames I got at a garage sale069

And that’s just what I can see sitting at my desk in front of my computer!

I already have a plan for the Shisha mirrors, but I’m going to try and use all of these this year.

Crafting resolutions are so much easier than health ones. 😉


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