Sorbet Pinwheels – Needlepoint Tutorial!

Sorbet Pinwheels Needlepoint Tutorial on


I just love how seventies these needlepoint pinwheels look!  They are super easy to stitch up and will look beautiful in all sorts of colours.  I stitched two versions recently.  The Sorbet version above, and this Dark Raspberry version too.


I used 15ct canvas for both colourways, and 7 different colours each.  The list of colours used is in the PDF guide at the bottom of the page.

If you want to learn how to stitch up your own pinwheels, here is a quick how to (click on any image to see it bigger!  Important when switching triangle directions!):

If you’d like to have this guide as a downloadable pdf, just click below!  I would love to see how you do!  Whether you do it on tapestry canvas or on cross stitching Aida, give it a try!

PDF version: Sorbet Pinwheels Needlepoint Tutorial


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