Needle Sketched Knitting Girl


I finished my needle sketched knitting lady last evening.  Isn’t she fabulous?  I stitched her up using a single thread of machine sewing thread, thinking of it like you would a very sharp pencil, passing over each line a few times over, depending on the effect I wanted.  It doesn’t make for perfect lines, which I love for fabrics and folds.

Needle Sketched Knitting GirlHer scarf is made with jewel coloured four strand sock yarn that I separated in half, into two swirly strands each.  I only used a tiny percentage of the yarn, which is funny. The stitches are mostly messy long and short stitch, in various directions depending which bit of the scarf you are looking at.  The thread to the ball is whipped back stitch.

Needle Sketched Knitting GirlI don’t usually like to show images still in the hoop, but outside of the hoop, the long stitches tend to bunch a bit.  Keeping the fabric taught is the only way to get the real look I was going for.

My husband showed my 18 month old daughter, and she reached out and petted the scarf like it was a touch and feel book.  Adorable!!

Next up I will show you another piece I made with this method – a Mucha inspired piece!


One thought on “Needle Sketched Knitting Girl

  1. This is gorgeous! I love the contrast between the thin, sketchy lines and the thicker, fluffy scarf. I don’t blame your daughter, I would want to pet it too! I really love the idea of these embroidered sketches and I really can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


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