Needle Sketched Mucha

025 I have always loved Mucha’s art style.  I think it’s elegant and curvy.  So did I base this embroidery off his illustration? Not exactly.

I own a lot of art colouring books. These are works of art translated into simple line drawings so that they can be coloured by adults or enthusiastic children.  I have a few of vintage posters, a Mucha one, and a bunch of modern ones as well, where I liked the art style and could imagine them as embroideries.  Dover is a great source for adult colouring books.  I’ve picked up a few of their floral and art nouveau illustrations too.

Imagine my surprise in the last few weeks when Mary Corbet showed her latest inspiration, a book called Secret Garden; I totally own that book too! Stitchy minds think alike!

029The great thing about using various art books as inspiration is that the drawings are generally already simplified, which leaves you with clean lines that you can trace, but still allows for creative stitching and filing.  I like using this needle sketching method because it emulates a pencil drawing, but there is no reason to not use the fanciest stitches known to man!



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