Teaching Zoe To Stitch


My daughter will get very interested when she sees me stitching. I usually can’t let her get too close to the needle, but when I was working with yarn, the needle is blunt so I let her have a go. I would push the needle through and she would tug on it. It was pretty adorable.

In order to work on this skill, we got her lacing beads. She can almost do it herself too! When she gets a little bit older and a little bit more focused, I want to make her up a little sewing basket like this one. Isn’t it adorable? Isn’t Pinterest great?


One thought on “Teaching Zoe To Stitch

  1. I have that same sewing kit pinned. 🙂

    I started letting my daughter play around with plastic canvas, a plastic needle, and yarn at about 18 months. She’s three now and is always interested in helping me. So I push the needle through the hole on the Aida and she helps pull it through. I have to help her though because otherwise she pulls too hard and pulls the thread off the needle.


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