WIP Wednesday – Shishas In Spaaaace!

I’ve been working on my Shisha mirror embroidery piece recently. Each mirror takes about 22 minutes to do, or about the length of an episode of Futurama. It seemed fitting.

The second picture is what happens when you decide you don’t really need to file down the sharp mirror before you wrap in in threads… Your thread snaps and you have to start over. Oh well! It wasn’t the nicest one of the bunch anyway.

Working with very small mirrors is tricky, so you can see the first two mirrors are not as nice. If I can get the last two to look nicer, I may redo these first ones.


One thought on “WIP Wednesday – Shishas In Spaaaace!

  1. I love this! I love that you’re watching Futurama while making it, and I love that it’s a spaceship!
    I hadn’t ever heard of shisha mirrors until you mentioned them in a post and I googled. Now I’m interested in getting my hands on some to try out! This is going to look awesome when it’s done!


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