Scaling Things Down & An Origami Bunny

Origami Bunny on dorkwithaneedle.comI tend to make larger pieces.  No, let me rephrase that.  I tend to start larger pieces.  Sometimes, as with my Shisha piece, the materials dictate the size of the project.  But a lot of them time, I let something else dictate the size of the pieces I stitch: my printer.

See, I just load up an image, hit print, and run with it, not always thinking what the resulting size will be. This can sometimes mean I end up with very large pieces (8.5×11 anyone?), or at least pieces that are much larger than I can reasonably finish.  They also tend to be much larger than the techniques I want to use are intended for.  Have you ever tried to do satin stitch across a huge shape?  It looks terrible.

Origami Bunny on dorkwithaneedle.comI want to try, when at all possible, to work smaller.  When I printed this origami bunny design from UrbanThreads, I consciously reduced it by 50%, and then I added an extra line in his body to further shrink the areas, so that my satin stitch would stay nice. The completed bunny is only about 2 inches wide and adorable. I am also proud to say that I traced, stitched, and hooped this in one day.  It’s even already on my wall!

What size do you like to work with?  Do you think about every piece before you trace it out, or do you hit print and go?



One thought on “Scaling Things Down & An Origami Bunny

  1. I was just looking at that pattern the other day, I want the crane. I like the satisfaction of working small. For a long time I was making lots of 2.5×3.5 inch framed pieces. I’ve started using embroidery hoops to finish pieces and I’ve been drawn to 4 inch, though I use the occasional 6inch.

    I love how satin stitch looks and you did an awesome job! The colors are great!


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