Yurt, Sweet Yurt.


I finished my secret project!  My brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend in a yurt (which is the Mongolian equivalent to a tipi), and since they just bought a house, I figured this would be a cute housewarming present.  I’ve once again used the  Circular Scroll Alphabet Sampler pattern from Kinkavel Crosses, which I used previously in my George RR Martin piece.

I’m quite happy with the final product, even if there are a few mistakes, but I am super happy to be done with the stupid fabric it was stitched on. Never have I worked with evenweave so uneven and so loose. It is gross. I am throwing out my leftover pieces as soon as I get back home.  Working with this fabric was a nightmare, and my stitches had to be quite loose in order not to pull the fabric out of shape.


This was not a relaxing, easy piece of work.  It’s also so thin that you can see all the thread traveling in the back, which isn’t as tidy as I would like it. The other issue I have with it is that it really needs to be backed onto a darker fabric to look right, and my poor brother-in-law will probably have to get it framed professionally  because the fabric weft and warp is looser than any other fabric I’ve ever seen. It honestly feels like a sharp tug could turn the fabric square into a rhombus permanently.


The moral of this story is: take fabric out of the package if at all possible before you buy it, and don’t buy fabric for a special project five days before you get on a plane to another country.



One thought on “Yurt, Sweet Yurt.

  1. It looks great and I’m sorry you had such a hard time with the fabric. I’ve had some fabric like that too and it really does make stitching stressful instead of relaxing. I always use a fusible stabilizer on the back of my pieces and that helps me when framing and finishing. I’m sure your brother will be pleased with it. Maybe someone else could use the fabric instead of you throwing it away.


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