Grey Owl & Book Review: Story Land Cross Stitch

Grey Owl on dorkwithaneedle.comThis beautiful owl comes from the advanced chapter in the book Story Land Cross Stitch, by Sophie Simpson, also known as What Delilah Did. Her patterns have always had a certain charm to them, and the book has all that and more.

There are three levels of difficulty in the book, and each pattern comes with a short little fable to inspire you and keep you thinking while you stitch.

The charts were super clear and the owl was very easy (if very long) to stitch. Luckily, I stitched him the first few weeks my daughter started daycare, so I had more time than usual, and needed plenty to keep me busy!

Grey Owl on dorkwithaneedle.comI changed the colour pallet from the original book, but it still looks great. Most of her patterns are simple enough that you could get away with quite a bit of tweaking and still end up with a charming piece in the end.

I really recommend her book, especially if you have been eyeing up her patterns for a while. For the price, it’s the best value What Delilah Did patterns you can get!


2 thoughts on “Grey Owl & Book Review: Story Land Cross Stitch

  1. I’ve had that book on my Amazon wish list, it looks so great. I love Sophie’s work. Your owl turned out great, I like the greys and your stitches are so neat and clean.


    1. I definitely recommend picking it up. The owl is definitely in the more time consuming end of the book, but the smaller projects are still just as sweet and lovely.


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