Redwork Village

Redwork VillageHere is a quick look at the finished Redwork Village I first talked about a few weeks ago. I actually finished it quite quickly, but then took forever to wash and iron it.  Ironing is not my favourite thing. I always say the only thing I iron is embroidery! (I don’t even fold fitted sheets. Got things to do, things to stitch!).

Redwork VillageWhat I love about using a non-permanent tracing method (I use Mona Lisa Chaco paper, both in white and in blue) is that I can decide to change the design as I go. I simplified quite a few of the roofs just because I was on vacation and I could. If I had used an iron-on transfer, I couldn’t have done that without it being messy.

Then again, if I was using an iron-on, I wouldn’t have had to wash away the remaining blue lines. Oh well!


3 thoughts on “Redwork Village

  1. This looks great! I really, really like this pattern a lot. I’m the same way with ironing. I usually keep a stack of finished projects and wait until I have a bunch and then iron them all. I hate ironing and try to minimize how often I have to do it!


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