Thread Stashes or Buy As Needed?

Sketched Spider I used to buy huge quantities of DMC floss every few months, in colours that caught my eye on that day. I would load up on 50-60 skeins, make my way to the cash, and apologize to the cashier who had to scan them all individually. Sometimes I tried smiling sheepishly to see if that helped (it didn’t).

Nowadays, I tend not to buy any thread unless I have a specific project in mind. I will pick up more of one shade in order to get the colour just right, instead of picking up a rainbow and getting inspired as I stitch.

I think the main reason I do it this way is because I am no longer doing primarily redwork. When I started doing embroidery, most of my stitching was pretty simple, and only needed a few colours to make it work. As I got into crewel work and now needle painting, I am having to be more conscious of my colour choices. Working with “what I’ve got” is no longer good enough.

If I had the money to invest in the entire DMC run in one go, I would perhaps think differently. But until then, I think I will stick to buying what I need as I need it. What about you? Do you have certain colours you can’t not buy? Do you get inspired by seeing a rainbow of threads all in a row?


2 thoughts on “Thread Stashes or Buy As Needed?

  1. I am working on getting an entire supply of DMC colors. I do so many projects where I use various shades of the same color and I like to have as many colors to choose from as possible. And I like to have them on hand to just be able to start stitching without needing to take a trip to the store.
    In organizing everything, I’m noticing that there are a lot of the same colors that I tend to buy over and over. You can tell the colors I’m drawn to because I have 6 bobbins full.


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