Zoe’s “Sewing” Box


This is my Zoe. She is a goofy girl with a goofy smile.

045I made her a “sewing” box this week.

Here is what is in her box (a little suitcase from Paperchase):

  • a couple colourful zippers (one single, one double)
  • a large red button
  • lots of little red buttons on a piece of yarn
  • three yarn needles with bits of thread tied on
  • a measuring tape shaped like a pig
  • a piece of ribbon with pompoms (she LOVES pompoms)
  • a big elastic band
  • a piece of fancy rope
  • a purple tassel (which she calls a pompom)
  • a very long bit of yellow velcro

I figure I will add and remove things as time passes. Her favourite bits so far are doing the zippers up and tearing apart the velcro, which makes a huge krrrrsh! sound. She also stuck the needles in the big button, which was interesting.

All in all, it makes a good activity to pull out every few days in order to rediscover. I am thinking of adding an embroidery hoop with a loose mesh in it, since she already likes helping me pull needles when I am working on stitching.

What else would you add?



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