Doodle Stitch Along – City Roofs

027bThis is a quick piece that Rebecca of Hugs are Fun inspired me to do with her Doodle Stitch Along. A few months ago, Spoonflower gave out a free 8 inch piece of their new fabric with any design you wanted. Holy cow!

Anyway, I love cities and after looking up a few fabrics that I could use for stitching, this one stood out. A few weeks later, the fabric came in and I put it in my stash of things to do. Sigh.

The fabric is some sort of silky smooth garment fabric, which basically sucked for stitching on, but since I had so little to stitch on, and a particular look I was going for, it wasn’t the end of the world. I did almost exclusively messy satin stitch, playing with the slants and the little gables. There is a bit of split stitch in there too. I was going to try chain stitch, but the fabric was starting to get on my nerves too much. I ended up backing it with a scrap of cotton fabric and gluing the back of the piece into place with superglue.

023The piece doesn’t look great seen straight on, so I plan to hang it quite high on my stitching wall, in order force the perspective.

Thank you Rebecca for the kick in the butt I needed to finish another project! Are you going to try Doodle Stitching? Come on, how many projects can you possibly have on the go? Click the link below to get started:



5 thoughts on “Doodle Stitch Along – City Roofs

  1. I got a piece of that Spoonflower fabric too and it is a strange material.
    I like the messy satin stitches and I really love the color scheme.

    Thanks for joining in the stitch along!


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