Sketchy, Woolly Spider

Sketchy, Woolly SpiderI finally finished my spider and got her hooped up. My mother asked for a non-ribbon hoop, so I only used wood stain and matte Modge Podge to darken and seal it.

Sketchy, Woolly SpiderThis piece was a present for my mom who just finished her Masters in Nursing. She is awesome-sauce and she loves spiders. This one was supposed to be for her office, but she has decided it may be too nice for the office.

I used about 4 different shades of brown DMC thread, and two different colours of Anchor yarn. Here is roughly the steps taken to make her look as fuzzy as she does:

  1. Outline the whole shape in split stitch using DMC thread.
  2. Fill in the legs with long wool stitches, then couch those with different colours of DMC thread.
  3. Fill the abdomen of the spider with long wool stitches, in the same direction as the stitches in DMC thread were going to go (typically, when you pad a shape, you do it in the opposite direction, but I wanted the wool to peek through the thread stitches! It worked too!)13572403865_46f13bab46_b
  4. Cover the abdomen, the head and the mandibles in various colours of DMC thread in various browns.
  5. Buy a huge quantity of minuscule beads and use only four of them.13572398455_a078197cfb_b

The good news is, my mother loved it and so do I. I love the wool peeking through the abdomen and the legs, making her look fuzzy and ridiculous. I love the contrast between the spider and the sketchy web even more.

Sketchy, Woolly Spider


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