Sequined Hot Pepper Jellyfish

Hot Pepper JellyfishI have a new piece of embroidery available in my etsy shop: a Sequined Hot Pepper Jellyfish! Click through for a good look at all those sequins.

I originally bought these for a completely different purpose, but after finishing my yellow Lemon Sorbet Jellyfish, I knew I wanted to try the technique again with something different. The sequins were a challenge. They got everywhere; I found them in my clothes, in the couch, in my bed… I am still finding them, weeks after I finished working with them.

Hot Pepper JellyfishMy daughter also spilled the little container I kept them in. I couldn’t save some of them and ended up vacuuming them up. At least the contents of my vacuum were sparkly… And even with all this, I still have over half of them left! Three tiny bags of sequins go a long way!



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