Furry Stitching Class Completed!

Finished Furry Stitching Polar Bear by Kim Dallaire

I recently took a stitching class with Nicole from Follow The White Bunny. It was a blast! We stitched up this adorable little polar bear! Love it!

Nicole’s instructions were super clear and not too overwhelming. She also hosted a group on flickr for everyone to share their little bears, ask questions and see how everyone else was doing. It is really nice to be able to see all the other bears coming together, stitch by stitch! Nicole was also super helpful with little hints (the dark stitches in the top part of the scarf and in the ears were her idea) on the flickr group.

All in all, if you are interested in embroidery and learning new techniques, I would definitely check out the class when it comes up again in the fall!

Check out my work in progresses below!

Missing his scarf  Missing the dark in the ears and the top of the scarf


Yarn Beetle

261Dung beetles are pretty cool, for tiny beasts that clean up poop. Yarn beetles are cooler, picking up the little bits of thread and fiber that you drop during furious crafting sessions and felting them into a beautiful, twirly mess.

038The ball is made with spider or woven wheel stitch, which I originally screwed up but managed to fix by re-watching the excellent video on Mary Corbet’s Needlenthread. (I have such a crafty crush on her!) Turns out that you need an odd number of spokes to your wheel, in order to get the look right. I decided to make the spacing on the spokes irregular to add to the look.

257The yarn and bits used in the wheel are as follows: DMC thread for the spokes, ridiculously adorable fuzzy brown/pink/beige yarn from a local yarn store called Wabi Sabi, a rough brown bamboo thread that is really hard to see but adds a really nice texture when you are touching the piece, and finally a bit of Anchor yarn from my needlepoint yarn stash.

The beetle itself is stitched in grey sewing machine thread.