Needle Tatting Ups and Downs

I have been doing a lot of tatting recently because it is super portable and easy to do in cars and coffee shops. I haven’t been finding myself with tons of time recently.

I finished my red oval doily from my last post but…

Red Tatting

It isn’t sitting. Nothing I can do will make is sit. It is super frustrating. The issue is that my picolts are too short.

Here is a quick snapshot from the book it came from, Needle Tatting from the Heart by Tina Neurdof. Can you spot the difference between mine and theirs?


Yep, the picots are all too short. Picots are the little loopy bits that serve as decorations and as links to other parts of the design. So… I started it again. I want to make this for someone in particular, so I really want it to work. If I can’t get it to work after the third time, then maybe I’ll move on to another design.


Still, the red is quite pretty isn’t it?

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4 thoughts on “Needle Tatting Ups and Downs

  1. You did notice that theirs is overlapping too didn’t you? (see top center of blue one) Your picots are shorter but maybe the pattern had a bit to do with it.


    1. Maybe maybe. I need to check if maybe reducing a chain somewhere would help too. Or maybe double check my thread size? Sigh.


    1. You can (and probably should) block tatting, but the problem is that there is no where for it to go… I think this particular piece wants to be a bonnet, since the only way to make it sit flat is to put it on my head. 😉


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