Short Blogging Break and August Plan

CardsI’m back! I accidentally took a month-long break from blogging, but in the meanwhile managed to complete a 27000 word story through the Camp Nanowrimo event, which is pretty awesome. It also means giving up reading for a month, but on that front, I am still 2 books ahead of schedule for my 100 books this year, so taking a whole month off reading didn’t set me back at all. (For the record, they are 100 not so serious books: humour, paranormal romance and craft books. I don’t have the attention-span for dramatic novels, even if I wanted to.)

FeathersSo what is the plan for August? I want to make 20 small embroidery pieces. That’s right, 20! This is all my mom’s fault (inspiration?) really. She is always bugging me about what I do with my embroidery once it is stitched (which is nothing, mostly). A few months ago, I gave her a stack of finished pieces, and I told her to do something with them if she was so adamant that something be done.

photo 3She came back with these: pretty cards with my embroidery sewn on! Ok, that is super cute, I give up. These two will be presents for my mother-in-law, who collects cards. My goal in August is to do another 20 little pieces that I can stitch onto cards. The feathers are from a book I got at the library, and the little birds are from Urbanthreads.

Here are the first two I traced, more about the patterns later!

WashingTwo foxes

Ready, steady, go!


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